August 27, 2016


No I don't mean my body weight.  Although that would be nice.  Jan came today and we started to weed out unnecessary paper work.  I have been afraid to discard anything since Truman died.  It was worrying me a lot.  We started, although we got rid of a lot. there is still much to go.  It is hard work.  Toward the last we got into some 2011 stuff when Truman died and it was a good place to stop and eat lunch.  Both  tired so we put it off till we can start up once more.  I also had a huge bag for Goodwill which she took there.  Tommy has a big shredder so he will help that way for the paper stuff. 

I took a nap.  That is nothing new but I needed it.  I changed my table display at my hall entrance from Beach to Fall with my little raccoons and fall leaves and pinecones.  Wish I had some acorns and so do the raccoons.  I then changed the beach at my front door to School stuff.  Always looks cute because I have an enlarged picture of my 1st grade class.  Me in the middle, first row and wearing my little red sailor dress my mother made for me.  (two heads shorter than anyone else)  Always the shortest wherever  I go.  That isn't changing so get used to it. 

Betty Boop

August 25, 2016

O BOY!!!

I had an evaluation at PT this morning.  Passed very good on the knee range of motion, but I still have a ways to go on the balance and my ankle stretch .  So I am still up for the rest of my visits.  Something new and I welcome it.  It will take more of my time and pretty soon all I will be doing is  every day           maintenance on this old body.  Can't go anywhere because I have to do something else.  I am going to ride the recumbent bike in the exercise room three times a week-starting at 15 minutes and work up to 20  She said it would do me more good than walking.  But I could do that too. This plus exercise on my knee and ankles. It was funny how she had so much trouble getting the bike to fit my short legs.  At home we had my bike fitted just for me.     Don't forget the many pills and eye drops.  I really do have to stay on my toes to keep up with it all.  Is it worth it all?  Yes of course it is.  I am just thankful that I can have such good care.

Now for cheese and a coke.

Betty (good shape)  Boop 

August 24, 2016


Well since I heard from Amy and Whitney. I felt compelled to write in Blog even though I have nothing new to say.  I had Exercise class this morning.  Then picked up a carton of chili in the Cyber for lunch.  We are having Hawaiian lunch and dinner.  I did not like the menu so I had chili.  They make good chili.  I had a light bulb to burn out over my  sink and I really missed it.  I had Maintenance on call so I was tied here.  Finally I caught him in the hall and he said I was next in his box.  O. K.  I then shampooed my hair and read a little and now talking to you.  So you see I did have to really scrape the bottom for this Blog.  I will try to do better next time. 

Betty Boop

August 23, 2016


Well, I did not say what kind of bird, but I was singing my heart out.  The Choir gave our Summer Concert yesterday.  Jan came, but Amy had to miss it.  First time she has missed.  Work called.  People are jealous of me because I have such support from my family.  I think I am blessed.  Our concert was good.  Something for everyone.  We worked hard and Shirley was proud of us.  For me it is just fun.  My voice has faded somewhat but I can still make a noise.  Don't know how good but it is joyful. 

By the way, I had lunch again with that sweet little "Betty" yesterday.  Fate is bring us together for some reason.  She is quite a talker and is telling her life story in chapters I guess.  So cute and sweet.   Happy to be here and is very glowing with complements.  She will be well liked I think.  Nobody likes a complainer.            Well off to PT.

Betty Boop

August 21, 2016


If you can call 78 degrees cool, I can.  It was pleasant enough for me to take my coffee to my beloved balcony.  I listened to the sounds of the morning and heard the world waking up.  A lone duck calls to the others--wake up.  Birds in the trees starting a conversation and my faithful little hummer perched on the next balcony, fussing at me because he was afraid to come to his private feeder because he did not know it is me who keeps his little tummy full.  I saw a Katydid or locus-  whatever.  I thought he was dead and leaned over to inspect him.  He flew up and I almost got him in my face.  I guess that is the next sound of Fall we will hear.  Makes me think of school and getting ready.  This is my favorite season of the year.  Getting ready for school, for my children and I remember getting ready myself.  The smell of paste in a jar, new crayons and new shoes and clothes.  Very exciting.  Another  memory that comes with Fall is the smell of burning leaves (allowed then) and the radio with football blaring from the open windows of the house. 

Hey enough of that.  We still have a bit of Summer to endure.  Well off to get ready for Church.  Hope your Sunday is good.

Betty Boop

August 20, 2016


I guess my little laptop is getting old and like me does not like to rush anymore.  I had to unplug everything this morning and let it rest.  This afternoon it seems to be ready to go again.  How I know that feeling.

I had lunch yesterday with a little lady I had seen a lot but had never talked to.  I just was amused and had to hold my tongue.  Do you know the comic strip BETTY?  It is fairly new to me.  She is a little middle aged person with a husband  that she has to keep straight all the time.  Well this little lady at lunch is a widow so I don't know if she had that problem.  What amused me was she looked exactly like the comic strip lady.  So funny.  But that is not all--her name was Betty.  I have enjoyed that memory over and over.  Am I bad  or what?  I will not tell any one this story but you.  Wouldn't want to hurt that sweet little 4 foot tall lady.

My hummer is about to fly himself to death.  And fighting like a real warrior .  Keeps me busy filling the feeder and watching him.(her)?  Don't know about gender.  Maybe I will ask Mr. Google a few questions.  Seems like I am looking for something to do.

Betty (not the comic strip) Boop 

August 18, 2016


I spelled bulletin board wrong.  I spelled it bullitin.  Sorry, I do know better.  Betty Boop