February 16, 2018


It happens every year.  It feels like spring with 80's yesterday.  But we know not to get to excited.  But birds are singing and that is a good sign.  I am reading a good book.  CAROLINE by Sarah Miller. She writes historical novels. This about how the Ingalls family left Wisconsin and traveled to Kansas.  My those pioneer women were strong.  Such a good book I can't put it down.  I like historical novels. 

My strawberries on oatmeal was good.  Cooked by me.  With rye toast and juice and coffee hit the spot.  I made banana nut bread to take to the exercise class.  They make me feel so good about bringing it.  Just a small task and we all win. 

Betty Boop

February 15, 2018

OH ! "What a beautiful morning----

Oh ! what a beautiful day."  There goes another song title.  I started off with breakfast in the Cyber.  Had it to myself.  O. K.  Scrambled eggs and sausage with rye toast and coffee.  So good.  Came up and the sun was shinning so warm that I went to the balcony to finish my coffee.  The birds were singing and I was taken back to south Texas when we used to spend most of January and February with loads of friends.  The weather there was perfect that time of the year.  Yesterday was special.  I saw Dr. Ford.  I have known him for so long.  He came in saying Mrs Ellis 91?  I don't believe it.  Bring your birth certificate next time.  I might do that.  He said I was like a dike and he was the little Dutch Boy, just patching up the cracks and to keep doing what I was doing and see him in 6 months .  After that we ate at Kiefers.  You know what we had.  Then on to Broadmeadow to Ash Wednesday Service.  So good and got my ashes on my forehead in the shape of a cross.  You know the service I am sure.  Start  of Lent--what will you give up?  I gave up the tendency to worry too much.  I will see how long I can do that.  Mardi  Gras lunch was fabulous .  From bloody Mary's to bananas foster.  They did a good job.  Now I have a slow day and I welcome it,

Betty Boop

February 12, 2018

Sunday & Monday

With the weekend filled with music, I am happy.  At church, an annual tradition, The Southern Comfort Band.  A group of 5 black guys  who play for pleasure and a little profit too.  They of course have other jobs,, but music is fun and important to them.  They have been at our church several times over the years.  They march in playing and go out playing.  It is exciting and a blessing too.  Lunch was good with the usual bunch.      Today we started the day with Madison Central Jazz Band.  Bryan was a member and star in his day.  They are a wonderful group of kids from Madison Central.  Actually their leader is the same leader of the band that played at our Church yesterday.  Our choir director at church is the band director of the band at Madison Central.  He came to the  program today with the band. Kind of all connected.  I just got back from my SCV choir practice.  So music is in the air and in my mind today. I go to the Church service at 4 today and sing again.  So that is my day.  A good one.

Betty Boop

February 11, 2018


It was a soup kind of day yesterday.  I made the split-pea soup.  I did not like that kind till I was older.  Only kind mama made was veg.  My pea soup turned out good.  Had my cornbread and a bowl for supper.  Some for the freezer too.  We will have The Southern Komfort Brass band at church this morning.  For Mardi Gras and King Cake also.  I have decorations out at my door.  Got to go with the flow I guess.

Betty Boop

February 10, 2018


Only four this morning.  The main one was sick and one at the table excused herself not feeling well.  I hope that I was not exposed to something.  Some blamed it on the shrimp we had at lunch yesterday.  I had it and I am fine,(for now)  The main topic of discussion was about gadgets we collect to do difficult jobs.  For instance something to open jars and lids of medicine bottles.  I have a collection of gadgets to open lids.  Some work and some don't.  Ended up with one saying he had a perfect one and he would do a little research to see if Wal-Mart carries it.  If not he got his on Amazon.  Later on this.  I asked if any one watched the opening of the Winter Olympics.  Nobody was very interested.  It was different from some in the past.  So many people took part.  I liked seeing it. 

Jan came yesterday and went with me to grocery store.  I am still surprised at how much I have to buy.  Maybe it would be easier to move to assisted living?  No I still relish the ease of independent living.  Even though I depend on Jan and Amy more and more to help me.  Some people don't have the blessings of sweet daughters and son-in-laws to make you feel secure.  Jan is assisting in baby shower for a friend today, so she can't come today.  It is raining and I had just as soon stay indoors. 

I will make split pea soup in a little while.  I do love it. Also I have the things to make Navy Bean too.  Another one I like,  So I will call when soup's on !!!!!!And don't forget cornbread.  I made that a few days ago and it is in the freezer waiting for soup.

Betty Boop

February 9, 2018


If you happened to look toward the Eastern sky around 7 this morning, you saw quite a show.  Wish I knew the story. but from time to time some guy puts on a show.  This morning I saw a giant X and then he seemed to be trying to make a tic-tac-toe game.  It was special this morning.  Now the sun is so bright and I am sure he is ready for coffee.  Wonder which airport he flies from.  Funny I have never seen or heard anything about the sky writer.  Makes  me wonder---is it just me that sees it?  Could be Truman putting on a show for me.  With my imagination, maybe that is true?

Betty Boop

February 8, 2018


When I entered the Cyber for breakfast, the usual table was full of men.  Did not want to join that group.  They would talk about everything I did not want to hear.  Politics mostly.  That is fine, they seem to enjoy that subject,  I did not want to inhibit them, so I got a small table and faced the lake.  I had a rare biscuit, split and toasted with two eggs cooked by Breanne (she does them well), sausage and coffee.  Not exactly cholesterol friendly, but once in a while-- do I worry about that? 

Bitsy is doing well.  Eating and running, and sleeping.  What else is required of a cat?  They have it made.  Of course she gives me all her love too.

Not much on tap today.  I took back 3 books to the Library.  Just did not appeal to me.  I am about to get enough of Amish.  I can predict how they are ending every time.  I checked out a mystery but they kept introduction new suspects and I lost it.  Don't need that much stimulation.  So I picked up two different kinds and let me see if they  please me.  Will let you know if I stick with them. 

Betty Boop