September 22, 2016


That covers it all.  I went to Michel's this morning and bought a few more little wreathes that I am decorating for "happies" for my SCV friends for Christmas.  I have made 37 and bought 6 more.  I hope it will be enough.  I like them.  Turned out pretty.  Amy dropped by to say hello for a few minutes.  She so busy with work and Ivy's wedding plans.  Happy but can't catch up.  At least she likes what she does and is so good at it.

Fall is sort of in the air.  Promise of cooler weather this weekend.  I'll take 88 degrees over the hot 90s we have had this summer.  I am getting tired of these old summer clothes.  They look tired.  Funny how the change of season can affect the way our clothes look.  Even though I will unpack and wear much of last years duds, they look new.              I am making spaghetti with some left over beef from the freezer for my dinner.  I sometime want my own cooking.  Some people here say they never want to cook again.  Not me.  I always liked to cook and now what I do is on a smaller scale and different, but I do it from time to time.  Although I have to say that to sit down and order food and be waited on, not to mention not having to clean up after is pretty nice. 

Betty Boop

September 21, 2016


My October poem for the Library board is titled Blue Skies.  Prompted by my thoughts every year about how blue the sky is in October.  Jan was born in October and I remember noticing the sky that year.  So every approaching birthday for her I think about how blue the sky was then and every year after.  Sooooo    I wrote a poem about the blue skies-not her.  (or maybe it is about her)
There is nothing like an October sky!!
You might ask me why?
For they are as blue as blue can be.
Endless beauty for us to see.
So give thanks to God each day.
For many blessings he sends each day.
Dot Ellis
Betty Boop

September 20, 2016


I can't believe how time goes by.  Yesterday we were into our second week of practice on Christmas music.  Our program will be December 12th at 3:00.  Hope some can come.  We are a first class Choir and sing things you would be surprised about.  Working hard.  We have a few very good singers and a lot of medium ones and then those who just work their mouth,  (sounds like me).  I do enjoy the experience so much and am glad they welcome all. 

Speaking of Christmas, you should see my workshop!!  It has really been humming.  I will be ready before you know it.  Better slow up or I will run out of things to do.  It is so easy for me to sit here and listen to Garrison Keilor on my CD's and work before my big window looking out on the golf course and Lake.  What could be more soothing? 

Well must get on with my day and let you go.

Betty Boop

September 17, 2016


Yes I am still here, but I mean the little hummer.  I guess he thinks it has been a long summer.  I still have to fill the feeder every day.  Fall officially started sometime this week , the 15th I think, but it still feels like the middle of summer.  We complain and suddenly it changes and there are those who are ready for another change.  I know plenty of ladies here who have been wearing sweaters all summer long.  Poor things, can't enjoy any weather.  I love the changes and go with the flow.  I have been trying and trying to write a poem for the Library.  I feel it needs to be relative to the Library and that can challenge me after writing several already about that subject.  I have an idea but I am having trouble making it work.  O well, it will come together soon, I hope.  We "poets and writers" have dry spells.  Maybe this is mine.  No I wont accept that because I am not truly a poet or writer.  Just a wanna be.  Aren't we all from time to time a wanna be for something?

Jan is coming and we are going to tackle the old paper work again.  Wish us luck.  We will get it done some day and feel good about it.

Betty Boop

September 16, 2016


Amy came, then Ivy.  Ivy is very busy planning her wedding.  Oh the pleasures and agony of that.  But in the end it always comes out good.  Most brides know (they think) exactly how they want it to be only to find out some things just will not work and they have to rethink.  Is this really what we want?  Poor mothers have to have feelings of steel.  Most do.  Amy has been through this two times before.  You know they say the third time is the charm.  Let it happen.

Christmas "happies" are going smooth and I am enjoying them.  I am thinking of a new fish.  Maybe a red one like my first one.  Will see what is waiting for me soon.  Too busy now.  You may laugh at  that, but it is true.  One day turns into another so fast. Lucky me.  Oh, yes I have not finished my poem for the VILLAGER yet.  It is called OCTOBER SKY.  You know they are so blue.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop

September 13, 2016


Is there such a word?  And what does it really mean?  Why do I ask?  I miss that little blue fish.  I did not realize I looked at him so often, but I find myself glancing toward his bowl a lot.  I cleaned it and let it air outside a day and put it back together minus water.  I guess it is waiting for a new fish when I get the time. 

Tommy came to History Club and for lunch today.  We are learning a lot.  I really mean it.  Next meeting should be interesting.  I don't know a lot about the Civil War.  This is about the siege  of Jackson. Ms.  I think it will be a lot to learn.       I spent the afternoon working on my Christmas "Happies."  They are turning out very well.  I made eleven today.  I plan to make 40-45.  Then make tags for them,  Do you think I will be ready by Christmas? 
Good Night--Betty Boop

September 12, 2016


Yes, he was quiet and gentle and so very pretty. Such a welcome presence.  My Beta fish Blueberry died Sunday.  Sunday afternoon I looked at his bowl, as I often do, and he was standing on his nose at the bottom of the bowl.  I thought he had discovered another way to entertain me but he did not move,  I waited a while hoping he was o. k. but had to finally accept it.  Blueberry was gone.  I miss him.  He was no trouble but he did his job of being there and looking good.  He would always about take the food from my fingers every morning at the same time.  He would be waiting for me in the same spot. He is the second one I have had and of course I plan to get another one.  Maybe a red one this time.   I think everyone needs something  to takes care of even if it is just a fish or plants will do the trick also.

Betty Boop