May 26, 2017


Mother duck hatched only 2 out of 11 eggs.  Is she sad?  I wonder.  She may just be glad it is all over.  A combination of being watched all the time and rain, cold, hot. and somebody constantly "checking" on her may have contributed to the failure.   I just don't know why.  Anyway, I did not see them leave the nest.  I wish I had,  But they are gone and the drama is over.  I just hope for their survival from those huge turtles we have in the lake.  I don't want to think about their future.

Hey guess what I had for supper.  I cooked baby lima beans topped with okra.  Tomatoes that were pretty good.  Fish baked and to top it off, I made sugar free chocolate pudding topped with Redi-wip.  That is how it is spelled on the can,  So good.  I used to put peanut butter in my made from scratch pudding  Those were the days.  I made brownies from a my coffee group.  They loved them--they had pecans in them.

Betty Boop


They say time flies when you are having fun.  So I guess I am having fun because it gets to Friday before I know it.  As of yesterday afternoon, two ducklings had hatched in Mother Ducks nest.  Two little fuzzy yellow balls.  I can't wait to go down this morning and see what else has happened.  Many of us have been watching and I am amazed at how she has put up with us and stayed put.  So I guess that is my fun for the day except Amy came and we sat on the balcony and just enjoyed talking.  Thank God for daughters.  I have three of the most beautiful ones.  They are treasures.

Betty Boop

P.S. Got a haircut and look like a boy (old man)!!!

May 25, 2017


My  time on the Balcony was a little cool but very pleasant.  I saw Mallards sunning on my side and Egrets forging for breakfast on the other side where it is shallow.  I saw a man walking and then a woman too.  It seemed to me that all was right with the world.  Yet I know it is not,  This world has many problems but we know who is in charge.  Believe it.

I got a thrill this morning as I opened my computer.  E-Mail from Whitney saying she was honored with two awards for her work in the school.  She deserves it.  I am proud of her.  She is a very good Mother, wife, and person. 

Well I am going to Kroger and better get started.

Betty Boop

May 24, 2017


Well it has finally happened/  The crowning moment.  "You will be delighted with a hearing aid."  said my ENT Doctor.  I have been knowing for least 6 months, I finally faced it.  Had a hearing test and it was not very good.  Age has stolen another of my parts.  I know it has been gradual but more obvious to me for a few months.  Although I think others around me have known it a while.  The blank stare I give you does not mean I am senile yet==just can't hear and am trying to figure out what you are saying, when I don't respond fast or even right.  I am going to get an appointment with an Audiologist who is in the Clinic where I go to get a beautiful hearing aid.  Glad I will be able to hear much better, we will see how much .  Wish me luck.

Betty Boop

May 22, 2017


I am sure the sun is shinning behind those heavy clouds.  We will have more rain today and tomorrow also.  So get used to it.  I have always liked the feeling I have when it rains.  Like I can slow down and shrink in.  Sunday was nice.  Amy picked up an array of salads from Fresh Market and we went to Ryan and MG"s after church.  We ate lunch on their new screened porch.  So pretty.  He is still working hard on the yard and it looks so good.   Many tomato seeds came up in the "boat garden"  I brought home some of the sweetest miniature tomatoes.  So good last night for supper.  I even cooked baby lima beans and okra for me.  It was so good with fresh tomatoes.  Still can't give up cooking a little.  At least when I want to.

Betty Boop

May 20, 2017


Just like magic, I now have a new TV set.  Amy and Ed went to Best Buy after research and talking with me and brought the new one here.  In house TV expert came and finished what Ed started.  It is up and running and bright and a little larger.  So to theses 90 year old eyes, it is perfect.  I am so thankful for Ed and Amy doing this so fast and I wont have to be without another night. Whew!!  I was mad at myself for being so dependent on it.  But when you live alone it is like company to have it.  Anyway I am set to go now. 

What a beautiful day to go fishing.  And the Lake was surrounded with voices and activity early this morning.  Once a year we invite employees and any of their family to a fishing  day.  The lake was surrounded with an assortment of ages.  They went around with a cart with snacks and drinks for the people who were fishing.  I hope to hear if they caught any - I know they were enjoying it.  Mama Duck is still sitting.  I know she will be glad when her eggs hatch.  I will too.

Betty Boop

May 19, 2017


I did not know how much I depended on TV till mine suddenly went out this afternoon.  Been expecting it since it is getting old and the picture has faded at the top of screen.  I turned it on and heard a loud pop and the screen was blank.  I called the maintenance man on a light problem in the kitchen and he also looked at my TV.  It was not a SCV problem but my set just gave up the ghost.  Well I have been here 6 years and I don't remember when we bought it but safe to say it is better to get a new one rather than repair it.  I have resorted to the radio and it is not like it used to be.  What is?  So many talk shows and awful music.  I am glad to have a good book going till I can get a new TV. 
So that is my story for today.  Always something new--good and not so good.

Betty Boop