March 23, 2017


I got several little nit pick things done.  New light bulb in kitchen, fix drain in bathroom sink, two new screens in windows where birds , I guess, pecked holes in them, and today I am supposed to get a new screen door to the balcony.  Now that is a lot to get done.  James, the maintenance guy who loves Pizza Shack, is such a nice one.  He promised me a new screen on my balcony door that has been a problem since I have lived here.  Hope he comes through.  The wasp season is starting and I don't wont them to come in when I leave the main door open.  I do love to let air in when it is so pleasant,  Well that is what has happened so far except I went to breakfast in the Cyber and got back and could not fine my little furry friend , Bitsy.  Looked in favorite hiding places and called.  She is so quiet and wont answer.  I began to open closet doors.  She likes to explore them over and over.  Out she popped.  You would think she would remember and not do that again.  No.  That is the way she works. 

Betty Boop

March 21, 2017


Here I am on Tuesday morning, writing about Monday.  Well Tuesday is still a blank page.  Don't know yet what it will be.  Well I do sort, of but back to Monday.  I don't know how I manage to get so much in one day. but it starts with exercise and visiting with friends over coffee.  Then lunch with another group of friends.  Nap with Bitsy and then Choir with still a bigger bunch of friends,  Then Methodist Church service. Then supper with Bitsy and to top it all DANCING WITH THE STARS first night of new season.  My what a good day.  My days seem to be "dottied" with friends.  You have to be a friend to have a friend.  Advice for the day.

Betty Boop

March 18, 2017


The this--it is a beautiful but cloudy day--That--I got That Easter decorations completed--The Other--I cooked lima beans and okra for my lunch.  I also heated cornbread and a fish  stick and sliced tomato. Very good lunch.  Just felt like staying in and puttering around.  Kind of threw Bitsy off.  She is a creature of habit (I am too),  She is not used to me being here this much.  She just headed back to my bed where she joins me for a nap.  Guess I had better catch up with her.

Betty Boop

March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day.  Top of the morning or something like that.  I am wearing green and most others are too.  I don't know if I have any Irish blood, but I am Irish for today.  Went to lunch in dinning room.  Chef was making cucumber and kiwi smoothies as a surprise before lunch.  Now that may not sound so good but it was.  No corned beef and cabbage and I was disappointed.  But it was an o.k. lunch and I did not complain.  Dessert was prettier than it tasted.  He does try hard to please a room full of people who have little to complain about. 

I am going to the St. Paddy's party at 3:00.  The decorations look so good.  Shirley is wearing a green wig and so is Dianna.  Music to listen to and some to sing along and I am sure nice refreshments will be great. 

Betty Boop

March 16, 2017


He comes skipping down the trail
Colorful eggs in his pail.
He stubbed his toe and down he fell.
Now, I am the only one to tell.
Each egg rolled into a hiding place.
With a sudden smile upon his face,
He said "Well I must run.
My work here is done."
Dot for the VILLAGER
Easter Egg hunts are so much fun.
Say the word and off they run.
They look and look all around.
But not an egg can be found,
The search was on for the Easter bunny.
This was not a all funny.
When they found him he was reading a book,
At St. Catherine's Library- his favorite nook.
Dot for the Library Board
Tell me what you think.  Betty Boop

March 14, 2017


A little under the weather so I stayed close today.  I do hate to be sick.  I think the time change is getting Bitsy off track.  She slept all day.  I thought she was sick too, but just like it was HAPPY HOUR she woke at 5 to being so active that I could not stand her.  I finally had to put this arrangement of dried flowers in the closet.  Felt like putting her there too.  She is usually playful but she had a mean gleam in her eye and she seemed to be looking for trouble.  I got out the feather-on-a-stick that she dearly loves and she was real rough with it.  O well she finally settled but I put her to bed behind closed doors a little early to get some peace.  I feel better this morning but my tummy is still feeling a little unsettled.  Tommy is coming for History Club and lunch and I am having to decide if I need to leave the safety of my apartment. 

Betty Boop

March 12, 2017


I need to write two poems.  When it gets to be a chore or an obligation, maybe it is time for a sabbatical.  I tried yesterday.  As is my custom, I take my BIG Webster's New World College Dictionary. yellow legal pad, sharp pencils, glasses, and in this case a cup of hot chocolate, to the Bubble.  I did all that and wrote and crossed off and rewrote for an hour.  I knew what I wanted to say, but just could not make it come out on paper.  So I gave it up for the day.  The scenery distracted me when it usually helps.  I still have time, but not a lot.

We had a guest preacher today at Church as Terry and family went to Disney World for Spring break.  Then to M.G, and Ryan"s for lunch.  So very good.  Sophie and Paul are in L.A, for A conference for Sophie then to Portland O. for a extended trip for fun.  I can't get warm as the weather has taken a winter turn.  I came home and put on a warm up suit and as still cold.  Winter has been crazy--wont come or go.  O well  so be  it.

Betty Boop