February 19, 2017


Yes, I believe Winter has passed.  It rushed through so fast that we hardly knew it was here.  80's for high today and tomorrow.  Yes even the birds are singing.  I told Amy they were "twitter-pated"  Thanks to Walt Disney.  Bitsy is better and I hope we have her on the right track.  We had lunch with Paul and Sophia.  Mr. Chen's is still my favorite for shrimp and veggies.  Where do  they get those large and delish shrimp?  A group of Chinese were having what looked like a reunion of some sort.  They were very happy.  So it was a little hard to hear for all the "happiness" coming from them. 

Well after a nice nap I need to post my poems for the Villager.  I will save them for you for later.

Betty Boop

February 18, 2017


I have been a little busy and did not get a chance to write.  Thursday, Amy took me to my favorite place to shop--Dillards Petite in the mall.  I used to could take the whole Mall in at one time, but one store lays me low now.  But we usually have great success.  And this trip was very successful.  I was mainly looking for something to wear for THE  wedding.  March 4 is close.  I found the perfect top for pants I already have.  Not only that, I found 6 others I just could not do without, if you know what I mean.  I don't get to shop often and I try to make it worth the trip.  Lunch at the Trace Grill topped that day.  Wow. I was tired. Friday, I just had to go to the grocery store.  I needed so many basic things.  That took this old girl an hour and half, but I did it.  I am amazed that I brag about such things.  But time changes a lot. I  wrote poems and Haiku for Villager and Library board. 

My poor little kitty Bitsy had a trip to the Vet this morning.  Amy took us.  She had a  couple of shots for this terrible itching that had  rendered her a loss of lots of hair and the scratching was terrible.  Hopefully this will stop it and she will heal.  That poor little thing has been through a lot and she is still a very calm and sweet cat.  She is worth what it cost to get her well and feeling good . 
I met my new neighbor this morning,   She seems very nice and I am glad to have a neighbor.                         I have some 40's music playing on my CD player,  I wonder how long before CDs will be obsolete?  Oh, they already are?  Well I guess I am stuck in time.  Poor me.

Betty Boop

February 16, 2017


Maybe we will have a little Winter after all.  Maybe a day or two.  I feel as if I have missed it.  I love the change in seasons.  My kitty is still doing good.  It is interesting to watch her figure out me.  She watches me and seems to know what I do next.  Am I the creature of habit?  I guess so.  She still can't get enough loving and I am willing to give it.  She has really found a place in my heart that needed to be filled.

I am hoping to go shopping today with Amy.  I need something pretty to wear to my granddaughter's wedding in March.  The time is going fast.  The last of my grandchildren to get married.  Imagine that.  Now on to the great's.  Although I think that is a while away.   Jan is in Ft. Wayne to visit her grandchildren.  Hope their time together is wonderful.  They are growing up so fast.  Time used to go slow--but as you grow older-time goes fast.  Maybe that is because I grow slower?  I think I need to write some poems.  I think it will be some Haiku this time.  Some have been knocking at my brain's door.

Betty Boop

February 15, 2017


Everyone came through last night.  THE PUNCH LINE THEATRE  closed to raving revues!!,  Even Lou Costello (ME) remembered their lines.  It seems that when it comes down to the wire, you do your best. Amy, M, G, Jan and Tommy came.  Ryan was coming, but at the last minute work called.  I make many of my friends jealous with such an attentive family.  So be it.  I will take it.  One said her family did not want to see her up on the stage being silly.  True, that is what we do, but why not?  Her family missed a lot.  She is a great and elegant lady and to see her be Dolly Parton was a real brave thing to do.  She was great.  Bitsy is doing great.  She showed off for everyone last night as they came to the apartment after the show.  I am so happy with her progress. Well I must go the exercise class and then to Kroger.

Betty Boop

P. S.  M. G. brought me roses last night, real Broadway style!!!

February 14, 2017


 A real "bummer",  I mean it.  Lettie and I got mixed up on our lines and timing.  We will do better tonight with the real thing, I hope.  I have been stressed out with several things going on and I did not do my best.  I guess I need to cut back on some of the things I do and realize I can't do it all anymore.  When things get to be hard and not as much fun--it is time to take a closer look and chose wisely.  One good thing, Betsy is home and doing good.  Eating like a little pig.  I noticed on her Dr's report that she weighed 6 pounds.  I told her to slow up or we would put her on a diet.  She is all cured of her trouble, I hope, and is back to her sweet, playful, and loving self.  Needy for petting too.  I missed her and can't thank Mary Grace and Amy enough for all the help they gave me in taking care of her. 

Next week and after the PLAY, Ryan is going to help me install a new computer and I have bought a new printer.  I missed my old one I left behind when I moved.  We are waiting till next week to do this.  Too much is going on right now.  Can't take in too much. 

HAPPY VALENTINE"S Day  I miss trading them with Truman.  His were always a surprise.  Sometime sweet, sentimental and sometime funny.  Once we met up at CVS buying each other's and did not know the other was there.  We always managed to keep them hidden from each other before the Day.  Don't know how since I am a snoop.  I kept many of them.  Want to see them?  O. K.

Betty Boop

February 11, 2017


First off, my little kitty is sick.  Most Vets are closed on Saturday at least at noon.  Mary Grace (bless her) found one in Flora. Actually they had used it for their dogs in the past.  It is a little far out but we hurried to go before they  closed at noon.  I liked the Vet, she was very good and we had to leave Bitsy till Sunday.  It is better for me anyway because It was to be hard for me to give her meds and other issues too.  I felt so bad to leave her, don't you just know that she thinks I have thrown her away?  I really miss her,  The Vet said she would recover but she is so sick. 

Betty Boop

February 10, 2017


I hope this was the last Dr. visit for a while.  I think I have seen them all since January.  They all keep telling me I am doing good.  So 90 is the new good?  What else can I expect?  To get better?  No.  I need to keep positive and also keep on the sunny side.  (Another old song) You know I seem to live my life in song sometime.  I have always loved music.  Of almost any kind.  When you are young the words can mean much to you.  During the 40's the music especially meant a lot, so therefore, I remember the words to so many of them.  I don't mean to sound old fogey, but the music today has little meaning to me.  I loved the words to the oldies. 

O. K.--having said that, I must get back on the Road of Today.  I can still play my CD"s and enjoy them.

Betty Boop