December 7, 2016


Jan and Amy picked me up at 10;00 this morning.  Off for an adventure.  First we went to the Old Capitol to see how it looks since it's renovation.  It was beautifully restored after Katrina damaged it.  So much Mississippi history.  It feels strange to look at those people who guided our future.  What would they think of  us now?  I wonder. We decided to just take a tour of downtown Jackson while we were there.  I get to see downtown so seldom and my how it is changing all the time.  The roundabouts on Capitol street were interesting.  The many new buildings and old ones too being turned into apartments and many new offices.  Yet it was still familiar to me.   Some things never change (in your mind.)  We had the most wonderful lunch (my daughters treated me) at Two Sisters.  Located downtown on an off street in an old,old house.  My My was it the best.  Never had such good fried chicken and many home cooked veggies.  The bread pudding with whiskey sauce was to die for.  It was worth dealing with a little sugar spike.  On we went in and out all the streets off Capitol and then out West Capitol and stopped at Cedar Lawn Cemetery where a few of my relative rest.  Along with my mother and dad.  We took a picture of the grave site of Sophia Elizabeth Williams Gorday.  Our Sophie is named for her.  Many Elizabeth's in our family.  Even me.  The west part of Jackson was once a beautiful area with many interesting and lovely homes.  Sad to see them now.  I had a wonderful time.  My two daughters gave me a lot to think about and to enjoy.  I really liked our unexpected adventure.

Betty Boop

December 6, 2016


Dark and dreary.  Brings out my dark side.  I love to go there from time to time. 
do you?  Maybe you call it your alone time.  Sounds better.  I think we all need that.  I just had breakfast in the Cyber.  Not another soul but me.  I guess others are sleeping in.  As I finished and left the halls were coming awake.  So strange, this place.  I have found my place.  I have started to delivering my little Christmas 'happies."  I hate to see them go, they are so beautiful all in a bunch on the bed.  One alone looks kind of small.  I hope they wont look that way to others.  You know I made 50 of them. So I organized them by apartment number and the floor they go on.  In others words, I made a list and am checking it twice--three times.  Don't mess up Dot.  That is my style I guess.  Good day to do this because I don't believe I will leave the building today.  Well--get to it.  I will put FIND IT IN FONDREN magazine in the Bubbles at the same time.  See I do have a day job.

Betty Boop

December 4, 2016


I almost don't know what that wet stuff is.  Haven't seen much lately.  I do love a dark, rainy day.  It is the dark side of me I guess.  Had lunch after Church with Amy, M. G. and Ryan.  We ate at my favorite place.  Mr. Chin"s.  The shrimp was the best I have ever had there.  I think the cook today was a little American because the seasoning was excellent.  I drank the whole pot-o-tea!!  So good on a rainy day. 

This year I can't seem to get into the buying of gifts mood.  Don't know what to buy and I have a hard time shopping very long without just running out of energy.  Sign of my time of life I guess.  It is hard to give up some things.  I used to shop for hours and not get this tired.  O well, I am trying.

Betty Boop

December 3, 2016


Don't tell me that you need alcohol to have fun.  The Shirley Temple bloody Mary's and egg nog did it for us.  The party for all of us was a big success.  Music by Madison Central group (thought about Bryan), and great food.  It was a full house.  I went with friend Betty.  We both agreed to stay 15 minutes and ended up staying the whole time,(one hour).  Laugh of you want to, but you can pack a lot of fun in an hour when you get old.  Nobody seemed old and it was a special treat to see Sister Dorothea dance.  That lady can dance and have fun.  Another nun did the same, can't remember her name.  I saw a man dance (and I don't mean just shuffle around) with his girl friend and he has had two knee replacements and walks very slow coming from the pool.  But they both had the "swing last night.  It was such a happy sight.  Wish I could have danced too.  I was just pooped out just watching.  It was a good and happy time.  I am glad I stayed till it was over.  Most did.  Bless Betty, she is going through a ruff time having just lost her daughter and her best friend out here.  Maybe I can be a better friend to her now,

Betty Boop

December 2, 2016


I used to be exhausted by the end of the season from so many parties and events and all the planning and buying.  I am out of that now--somewhat.  It is all different now and after all I am almost 90 and run low on energy.  But this is where I am now.  We have many activities here and are  mine if I chose.  A party today will be a big event.  For all independent living and Marion Hall, Big Top of Dom next week,, a wonderful event the Sisters host at top floor of the St. Dominic's.  Endless music programs, open house of residents, And of course the Choir has our program.  Every one joins in with decorating their doors and the outside d├ęcor is fantastic.  I could go on and on and still could not tell it all.  How wonderful to live here--I am so blessed that I feel guilty to  have so much.  Thank you Lord and thank you Truman for providing me with such insight and love.

Betty Boop

November 28, 2016


I had an unexpected burst of energy Saturday and pulled out all my Christmas decorations.  I can't believe that I still have a lot.  Much of it has gone along the way to others I know and some I don't by way of Goodwill or some other (trash.)  I worked till I was so tired.  I like my tablescape at my hall entrance.  I was so glad to see my little clothes pin dolls dressed as carolers.  With much of Amy's loan, I created something to make you smile. (I hope).  My tier table at my front door holds my Angel collection.  So like me.  Childish and hodge podge.  Like I say--ME.  I saved the tree in my apartment till Sunday afternoon.  It looks the same.  Artificial and small.  Different from days gone by.  I always wanted a real one then 

Church was beautifully decorated.  I was so proud of Amy.  Although she gives credit to all who helped, I know her style and it showed.  I was pleased when the preacher gave her a shout-out from the pulpit.  She should good about it and all the other talents that she has and uses in Church.      Had lunch with the Lunch Bunch.  The gyro was the best I ever had.  I have much more to tell, but who has time to read all this stuff?

Betty Boop

November 25, 2016


The food was great, the weather was perfect and the people were the best.  M.G, and Ryan know how to host any kind of gathering,  They work together so well and their new addition in the form of a huge screened porch was the perfect setting for the day.  I know they are going to enjoy it for many such times as well for their on private times We had a few sweet dogs to join the festivities and so well behaved they were,  Candy and Lucy always add a lot also.  All in all--it was a wonderful day and I have so much to be thankful for with such a wonderful family. I like to think Truman was looking down on us and happy to see us all at one long table.  He did love that.!!!

Betty Boop