June 21, 2018


I cut the time short because I have an appointment to final get a hair cut.  Long overdue.  I stayed long enough to see the clouds are full and heavy with moisture and promise of rain somewhere.  Hope we get some as it is very dry.  I think the birds are busy learning to survive. Do you think mama and papa birds worry about their young or does nature take care of that?  I like to imagine they do feel responsibility.  But that is just me I guess.

Betty Boop 
P. S. When I type Betty Boop. I think of the little Betty Boop coffee mugs Peggy gave us.  It was a mug that split into two mugs.  Truman made tea for us sometime in the afternoon.  I wonder who would like that sweet little mug, so full of memories?

Betty Boop    

June 20, 2018


I can't see very well but I am pretty sure I am watching baby blue birds zipping around the houses.  The were all either singing or fussing.  Don't know which. but what a noise.  Mom and Dad were joining in the racket too.  Learning to fly and to forge food for themselves.  It is a busy time.       It is a little muggy but a small breeze kept me there for a short time.  I need to keep moving.  Have a Dr's appointment early this afternoon.  Eye check up. Jan and Tommy arrived home safe.  Always glad for that.  Poor Amy was feeling bad yesterday.  Maybe something coming on.  I know she never rest and I add fuel to the race.  Hope she is better today. I had a comedy of errors making coffee this morning.  First I had to open a new can.  That went well since it is easy.  The filter folded over so grounds spilled where the should not.  The coffee half & half from the dinning room was bad so messed with my first cup.  Had to discard.  So I put a little more water in the pot.  It did not work the way I wanted it to. so I only had one cup. It was a little strong.  Guess I will make it, since I usually have two. Now if that is the only thing to go wrong--I will be lucky. As I always say "So be it."  I stole that little saying from a little man here that I sometime have an interesting conversation with in the hall.  So many interesting people here, you just have to take the time.  I have plenty of that--or do I?

Betty Boop

June 19, 2018


Glad to be back.  The Balcony was quiet.  No noise and no activity.  Only one man walking.  It would be a good day to walk.  Don't understand why more do not do it.  I know many do walk the halls.  Population is aging I guess.  There are many more walkers than when I first moved here.  No scooters then, rule against it.  But now there are quiet a few.  We may have to hire a traffic cop to regulate them.  My, my, things do change.

My day is slow today.  Good, maybe I can keep up.  Poor Amy was run ragged yesterday with all my things she did for me.  And she is working on a big job now and although it is great for her, it is still challenging. Jan and Tommy will be home today.  I really do depend on Jan and Amy a lot.  Did not want this to happen and I try to be as little trouble as possible, but alas, we don't always get what we wish for.  I have much trouble getting going in the morning.  Am too impatient !!! 

Betty Boop

June 18, 2018


Here I go again with a song title.  That was a good movie for my kids a while ago.  But really I need to tell a little story about the Blue birds here.  There are two bluebird houses that I can see from my balcony.  I have been watching mamas and papas feed their young.  They work hard and morning till dark.  I noticed lack of activity yesterday.  I was sitting out there and a beautiful one sat very still and quiet right on the corner of my balcony. I was very still and was amazed at the up close beauty. It was young and not afraid. It finally flew and I realized it was learning to fly. I began to observe the nursery grounds around the houses.  I saw a lot of flitting and tweets in a small cedar tree near.  It was the babies out of the nest and happy to be trying their wings.  I read in my bird book that they had 4-6 eggs in each nest.  I think they had the limit.  Seems quiet this morning,  time and nature marches on.  How amazing and wonderful.

Amy and Ed came and installed my new DELL computer.  It must be great to know so much about computers.  I am still learning.   My new one is almost the same as the old one.  So I am good to go.  I really missed the short time I was without.  It is like talking to someone I guess.

Betty (glad to be back on line)  Boop 


I am back with new computer.  Thanks to everyone who made a new one possible.  See you later,

Betty Boop

June 15, 2018


Not to me.  Not yet.  Goodbye to this old lap top/  I bit the bullet and bought a new one.  This old thing has been fun, but it is getting old and out of date.  And away it goes.  Just like me--old and out of date, but you keep me anyway.  Amy is coming to take it away an Ed., bless him, is going to coach this one to give up it's info to a younger model.  Help!!  isn't  that what happens to some humans.?  Hope that does not touch us again.  Well, so long old model, you have taken my joyful thoughts as well as not so joyful.  Some funny and some very profound (I thought.) ones.  Hope my new model is not hard to get used to.  I have all the change I can stand.

Betty Boop

June 14, 2018


I am always looking for adjectives to describe my view from the Balcony.  If some of my Bloggs were not depressing, we could go through them and make a book about the Balcony.  It means a lot to me to go out and just sit and absorb the beauty.  Even though not much changes, there is always something of interest to see.  This morning I turned to the heavens to search for the right cloud.  You see, I look for a small whit cloud with a peep hole of blue.  Sometime the  hole is bigger than other times.  I imagine Truman is peeking at me.  I have had this feeling since I came here.  After he died, I would search the clouds and pretend he was looking at me.  Just a part of my grieving process I think.  Now it is just a comfort to realize he is looking.  (I hope),  I guess everyone has their own way of finding their way. 

We are having a big Resident's Craft Show today along with a farmer's market with fresh produce for sale.  Sounds nice.  I may swing by and take a look.  Don't need anymore crafts, but it is fun to see what others are doing behind "closed " doors. 

Betty Boop