October 18, 2017


It started with going to therapy for this other shoulder The pain has been so constant and making it hard to get comfortable, especially at night.  I need my sleep.  It was an evaluation for insurance, to see how many sessions they will pay for.  She gave me one treatment which is the electro
something ,  It does a massage with heat.  It feel so good.  I had it with the other shoulder too. I will have to wait to do more when Humana approves.  Oh my, I hope it is soon.  Think it will be next week.  They move slow.  I then hurried over to the beauty shop to get a haircut and then to my own bathroom for color.  Now I feel pretty good.  I have something heating in the over that Amy brought me and made a salad=so I am good to go.  Wish with me for a better night.  I have things to do tomorrow. 

Betty Boop

October 17, 2017


I guess I work under pressure when it comes to writing poems.  I only had a day or two to get one in the next Villager.  Here it is. What do you think?

Down the Hall I daily go
Sometime too dark to tell,
But I read you like a pro.
By your "walk" I know you well.
Some walk fast-some slow,
Some sway to and fro,
But this one thing I really know.
We're glad to be able to just go!!
By Dot Ellis
Betty Boop

October 15, 2017


We had our annual Blue


We had our annual Blue Grass
music at church today.  Bill Ellison & Temperance Babcock, well known bluegrass music makers. from Jackson, have been coming to Broadmeadow for the last 10 years to be a part of our service .  They are so good and I enjoyed it to the fullest.  Music of all kinds, I like, but this was very special.  With Sophie & Paul coming back from a trip to Boston and MG and Ryan leaving for a trip to Greece,   Amy and I were on our own for lunch.  We stopped to check on the Wolfs"  cat and were in the neighborhood of Brent's.  Had lunch in a very noise setting today, but we did o, k,  I am still looking for that cool weather.  How about you.

Betty Boop

October 14, 2017


Breakfast with the group with a new one to join.  We had fun and it was good.  I now want to se the new movie VICTORIA.  It was discussed and sounded good.  Jan came yesterday as she is working today at one of those kidney things.  So we went to grocery store.  Had lunch here and sat on the terrace at the Cyber.  It was perfect.  We stayed a long time and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and weather.  I have a day to fill.  It has started good, I will get on with it.  

Betty Boop

October 12, 2017


Yes I love this change in the weather,  With just a small part of my legs exposed, I was o. k. I am getting slower and slower since I have been nursing these little ailments.  I must say though, I feel better today.  I will work on getting back to par.  It has taken a lot out of me with two or three things overlapping.  I want to get on my Christmas projects, but I have not had the strength to enjoy it.  I still have plenty of time.  Amy has made it easy by supplying me with what I need to work when I can.  What bothers me a lot is Bitsy.  She is still so pitiful.  Must be patient with her.  Well it is after 9 and here I  sit in my gown.    Shame on me.

Betty Boop

October 11, 2017


Here goes Proverbs again--"Kind words are like honey--sweet to the taste and good for your health."
I have been staying in so much lately.  I went down to get my backed up mail and I heard so many kind words from friends that it was "good for my health" as the proverb goes. Also the Honey Man is coming today and I plan to buy some.  It is from local bees and should be good.  Well, I know it is good because I have bought it before.  I don't eat much, but sometime I get a craving for it on my toast.  I do feel better but am still working on it.  Poor Bitsy seems very slow with her problem and I feel so sorry for her.

On a lighter note, on the same page where I read from Proverbs this morning was this: " Long life is the reward of the righteous: gray hair is a glorious crown" Underneath my hair is gray, so I need to dig deeper I guess. 

Betty Boop

October 9, 2017


Wish I could say the same for me.  I have not blogged lately because I am not having a smooth time.  I get one thing fixed and then another needs fixing.  It seems lately I don't get the first done and something else jumps on me.  I am about to give up.  Can't stay ahead of it.  I Guess that is par for the course when you get 90.  Can't get the therapy started because of another problem that I need to talk to the Dr. about today.  Maybe I will be better soon.  Hope so, I have so many things I would like to do and just can't enjoy them feeling this way.  I pray for patience and trust. 

Betty Boop