December 16, 2017


Again I enjoyed one pancake and a scrambled egg, bacon and coffee.  Look forward to it every Saturday when the blood sugar reading will allow.  Also the company is interesting.  Subjects of topic:  Did you save your flowers from the cold? The employees Christmas party and bonus gift. (best ever).  pancakes were the best today, So you see where I am going?  Nothing of importance was discussed.  Something about the new tax bill which went over my head.  At least I stay silent, trying to learn something, but I guess I will rely on Tommy for that.  He is doing so well with his recovery this time.

I have been receiving gifts and cards that make me happy.  I love my new friends and am again happy to be here. 

Betty Boop

December 15, 2017

P.S. for yesterday

I should have sent this yesterday but I thought you would have enough to laugh at.  So I save "the rest of the story" for today.  After settling down Security about the help cord that got set off and brought even the head security to my rescue, I did it again.  No not the help cord but the fire alarm.  I had a couple of apples that needed to be used and like many times I decided to cook them with a little cinnamon and sweet stuff.  Good on oatmeal.  Lesson learned:  Never turn on the stove, leave something to simmer and sit down to a good book!!!!  It smelled so good cooking.  And all of a sudden it smelled too good.  I burned them pretty bad.  I threw open the balcony door and did all the things I could to stop the smoke.  But alas they came knocking on the door.  A whole team again,  headed by the "man", again.  He laughed and said I was making a reputation for myself.  They were nice about it.  I am soaking a pan that I may have to discard and no apples.  I was again embarrassed .  Just earlier someone burned bagels on my floor .  We kept them running.  I learned they are the best in the world at security and understanding,  I feel safe.  I do hope this is a day when I do nothing to bring them running, but I know they will come if needed--with a smile of relief that I am alright. 

Betty Boop

December 14, 2017


I woke up thinking , this is going to be a fine slow day.  I decided to let Cyber cook my breakfast. I took it slow to avoid the usual breakfast crew because I preferred to dine alone today.  All of a sudden a loud crash brought me rushing to my bathroom where Bitsy had swiped my toothbrush holder and cup to the floor and in the process she pulled the emergency cord and turned it on.  I did not know how to turn if off since I had never used it.  I braced myself for help and it came in a few minutes with the head security man, Roger the tec man,  guess the picked him up on the way,
and a nurse.  I was totally embarrassed to say the least.  They are the kindest people in the world.  They assured me I was not the first and surely not the last who had done this and they were more than happy to know I was safe.  That is their job and they do it well.  What am I to do with Bitsy?  I did not blame it on her to them.  I took the blame for the mistake.  I went on to breakfast and enjoyed it.  When I came back up their had been another alarm.  This time smoke,  Someone had burned something.  The hall was full of smoke. Security  was busy this morning early. It reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful place. Well let me go see what else interesting will happen today.  Hope it is all good.

Betty Boop

December 12, 2017


I am proud to be a member of our SCV choir.  We sang to a full room yesterday.  Everyone looked beautiful in red and white.  We have a nice number of men now.  They looked good in red ties and sang their best.  I was so proud to have Jan and Amy to come.  And to have Tommy walk in without any aid was pretty special.  He is doing great after his second hip replacement surgery.  I think we sang pretty good.  Everyone said we did.  I know I received a blessing from being a part of it.

Time marches on and we are busy planning for Christmas.  It takes some planning when their are so many involved and they are all scattered and having to make plans.  I hope we can get them all together.  Maybe most will get to see each other.  It is good to have a slow day.  But you never know what will pop up.

Betty Boop

December 11, 2017


The church was beautiful today.  I was proud that my daughter Amy was instrumental in seeing it so well done.  It is hard to describe how lovely it looked.  Surprise in that Lucy came with Amy to church and then to lunch with Sophie and Paul.  She is home from school and likes to come with Amy to church.  We are getting a larger crowd now and I am so happy for that.  Broadmeadow has so much to offer and I wish some old members would come back as well as new also.  Maybe that is in the plan.  Hope so.

Our Christmas program by our Choir (I am a member) is this afternoon.  Jan, Tommy, and Amy will come.  Maybe others.  I know it will be a blessing to all that come.  I know we choir members get so much from singing.    Plans are being made for our family, hope I can feel better and can enjoy.

Betty Boop

December 9, 2017


Great breakfast.  One pancake makes me happy for the week.  Great group minus one and plus another.  It varies.  Several subjects.  I was glad no one brought up Trump's visit.  We talked about things we remembered about Christmas as a child.  Interesting what each remembers.  My memories change and I remember new things all the time.  I guess my past memory is better than the present.  I just got a gift of a cheese ball from a friend.  That always impresses me for someone to go to all the trouble of making them.  I was full from breakfast but I had to taste  and it is soooooo good!!!

Jan is coming for lunch. The snow has not all melted but with the sun. I am sure it will soon be just a beautiful memory.    I am finding I  made a lot of people happy with my happies.  And that makes me happy. 

Betty Boop

December 8, 2017


What a beautiful sight this morning.  I think the weather people were surprised at what we are getting here in Madison.  It is after 7 and still coming down in large flakes.  I took my coffee to the Bubble (no one up this early on my wing ) and watched it for a while.  Bitsy is interested in it, watching from the glass door to the balcony.  It is a beautiful sigh everywhere I look.  It really brings us to a halt as we are not used to it.  Maybe that is a good thing.  I am glad I don't have to go out today.  Stay safe and enjoy.

We had a very nice Christmas party for independents yesterday.  Beautiful music and refreshments.  It was well attended.  Frankie at my table said if you have free food they will come.  True!! Everyone looked festive and happy,  Hope our Choir concert goes as well.  I finished delivering my Holy Family of clothespin dolls yesterday.  I could think of more I could have given, but 48 is enough I guess.  But Amy asked me to make 20 more for a project at church she is doing.  What fun.  I get to bring out my tools of my trade====glue gun, ribbon, string and set up shop again.  I am glad to do it.

Betty Boop