January 22, 2017


Saturday, Jan and I held hands and went down Memory Lane once again.  She is just about as bad as me about throwing things away.  The files we went through yesterday were a lot of files of Truman's business adventures.  Young men you could have learned some things from how he built a successful portfolio.  And why I am reaping the benefits of his adventures.  He really believed in real estate.  Of course I know the times were good for that then.  But he built his career one step at a time. And he was in the position to know a lot about what was going on.  He kept every newspaper clipping you could imagine.  It gave us a look at his success and also the kind of man he was.  I know it is easy to look back at someone's life and remember the best things.  I am guilty.  But it was not all "roses."  It was a struggle and hard times were a mix.  But I choose to remember the best of Truman, and there was a lot of "best".  Jan could not part with the archives that were his life.  She said you just can't throw that away--so we ended up keeping most of those files. 

Betty Boop

January 21, 2017


Very early.  I did not look at the clock, thunder startled me awake. Passed on off and this morning the sun is shinning. I feel like I missed winter.  Although the weather man predict some winter weather later this month and in February.  That is usually the time for winter here.  I have thought about getting a new winter coat because mine is so heavy and out of style, but maybe I wont even need it. 

I found out where Bitsy sleeps some of the time at night.  She has a sweet and soft little bed  and uses it some.  But this morning when I opened the door to "her" bedroom  she was on top of my laptop on the desk.  I surmised that because I leave it turned on it is warm and there she sleeps.  Oh well what can I do?           Jan is coming I think.  We have a few things to take care of.  I like for her to eat lunch too.  I had breakfast with three other old girls this morning.  We talked about various things but among them the Inauguration and what the ladies wore.  My there was a lot of money spent on that day.  Got to go and do my hair. and a few other things before Jan comes.

Betty Boop

January 20, 2017


It seems to me that I talk about the weather being so crazy all the time.  And it is.  Up and down.  New poems for Library board and the Villager.

Candy would be "sweet".
Flowers are nice too.
But for a real treat,
Tell you what to do.
If you really want to win me,
And make my heart beat fast.
Give me a great new book and see,
I'll be yours at last.
I have a secret place to go,
It is only in my mind,
Very nostalgic, I know.
But Memories there I find.
Sometimes they are fun,
Sometimes they are sad.
And when I am done,
Reminds me of what I've had.
Important. I am quick to say.
Like Books,--check them back in.
They will keep till another day,
And enjoy them once again.
Dot Ellis 2017
Betty Boop

January 19, 2017


Did you receive a strange message from me this morning?  When I opened the door to Bitsy's "bedroom" out she shot like she was guilty-as-charged.  Soon discovered my computer was on.  I usually turn it off and shut it up.  Left it open last night and a little gremlin snuck in and tried to use it. I think she was trying to send a message to her cell mates at the shelter where she used to live.  Could that be?  Well anyway it was on and I know I will shut  it down from now on.  Can't have Bitsy ordering from Over Stock or e-bay. 

It is a rainy day and thank goodness I get to stay here today.  Bright spot--Amy is coming to visit and have lunch.  Lucky me.

Betty Boop

January 18, 2017


I am trying to teach Bitsy how to use the scratching post.  All her equipment is "state of the art."  Really spoiled cat.  She  jumped on the scratching post the minute Jan brought it.  I thought what a smart cat.  Since then she has mostly ignored it and she has such sharp fangs-not claws.  I set it out in the middle of the room and scratched it briskly and she started to attack it.  And in the process she got my finger.  My did it bleed.  I will not do that again. I'll be quicker or wear gloves.  Silly.  She was sorry as she watched me wash, Neosporin, and band aid my wound.  I lost her once yesterday.  Looked everywhere she hides.  Finally found her under the ottoman where I sit in my blue chair.  Almost creamed her as I pushed it aside to get up.  She keeps me alert. 

I have a full day ahead.  My new exercise class, and it is harder, then play practice.  Both take strength and focus.  Am I up to  this?  I guess down deep I am trying to prove to myself that YES I CAN. 
Betty Boop

January 17, 2017


I realized when It was hinted to me that my blogs were a tad long that it was true.  Also the last ones were filled with antics and info about my new kitty.  I admit she has consumed my thoughts and actions lately.  Hard to ignore.  I will try to keep it shorter and maybe you will read it all.  Just one more thing--I have come to a decision on a name for Miss kitty==Since she is so itty bitty and probably will stay that way, I have named her Bitsy. 

Betty Boop

January 16, 2017


I had an appointment for  an annual physical.  So did Jan.  Same clinic an hour apart.  We worked it out.  Jan went earlier than me.  So she went and Amy took me an hour later.  Blood work first and then we ate breakfast at the restaurant at the Belhaven bldg.  I had my physical, Amy waited till I met up with Jan and Jan went in with me for my results so she could hear  and help me talk with the Dr.  Two heads are better than one.  Are you still with me?  All finished and got good reports for me and her.  What a deal.  Jan and I went to Picidilly and had liver with onion gravy and veggies.  I am stuffed. 

Miss no name Kitty pulled one on me this morning as I was leaving to go to Dr.  I thought I was watching her but she slipped by me as I went out the door.  She was so excited, and so was I, as she bounced down the hall just beyond my reach.  I corralled her under a table and had to get down to grab her.  Now I have a hard time getting down and up.  Finally caught her and pushed her back a little forcefully into my apartment.  Boy they did not need to take my blood pressure right then.  I learned from the escapade and will be more careful next time.  What a morning.  I needed a nap.

Betty Boop