April 25, 2017


I have just been busy --taking care of me and Bitsy.  We two can't get it right.  Bitsy is at the Vet's right now with her same olds issues.  She has been sick off and on since she became mine.  I miss her when she is not here.  I did not realize how much.  Maybe today we will find some answers I hope so.  For me, just mundane things that  plague the (elderly).  I hate that word. 

I had breakfast in the Cyber.  The coffee machine was out of order.  Lots of needy people will be unhappy.  Annie,( an angel) who works the Cyber, went to the Activity room were the real early birds have coffee and brought the few that were having breakfast, coffee.  She was a real angel this morning.       Amy and I plan to go buy plants for the balcony this morning after we hear from Bitsy,  I need just a few to fill three pots.  I am cutting back on buying so many, but need a few.  They brighten me every day they bloom.  Need all the brightening I can get.  How about you?

Betty Boop

April 22, 2017


Jan came.  Always a pleasure.  I am proud of her.  Wish I could take credit  for all my wonderful daughters and how they turned out.  Can't do that.  When you are raising a family. you just don't know the outcome but I am pleased with mine. 

We went to Stein Mart and I bought two pair of shorts.  Mine were so outdated since they were maybe 10  years old.  I am thinking about going to Beach Week in June with the gang.  I hope I can keep up and not wimp out for some reason.  Everyone is so good and thoughtful to me.  I really don't just don't want  to be left here alone either.  We will see.  Our condo sounds so wonderful and large.  I can feel the sea breeze and think of the wonderful food we have. Maybe I will write some good poetry down there. 

Betty Boop

April 21, 2017


My loosing battle with how to pronounce Canada geese.  I know I am right so I give up on some who insist it is otherwise.  Anyway, they are back and mean as ever.  I watched a gaggle on my shore this morning.  It seems a pair are insisting on finding a nest spot here under the balcony ,  I don't know if the others are warning them not to or if they are jealous of the spot.  I do know they just can't do it.  They fussed and flew at each other till all flew away.  I am sure the "little white truck", with it's loud noise will come soon.  They are all over the meadow on the other side of the lake and I am sure the people who walk are afraid of them.  They can be very aggressive.  Oh well, nature, with our help will soon take care of it.  In the meantime, I am going to Kroger and must get ready.  Wish I had all day to watch the drama unfolding, but it takes too long. 

Betty Boop

April 19, 2017


If you have never started your day outside, like a balcony. try it.  I could get used to it.  There is nothing like starting the day before many things take your time and thoughts.  Just to connect to God and talk to him.  It all feels so good.  I saw mother and daddy duck strolling beneath my balcony.  I hope they are going to choose this area for their nest.  I also say a "gaggle" of Canada geese strolling over the golf tee.  They are getting bold again.  The little white truck will be behind them soon I bet.  They are just too aggressive to live here.

I am getting back into the game.  I walked two short trips in the hall yesterday.  I might try exercise class today. Joints need a work out. Not exactly back to par==or is this it?  I will see..

Betty Boop

April 18, 2017


Remember early days of school?
You marched to the teachers rule.
But did you ever by chance,
Do the beautiful May Pole Dance?
The girls all loved the beauty.
Boys, well it was just a duty.
Music also made it fun.
In and out we went till it was all done.
I have many memories from childhood.
I am sure you do too,
It was all so very good.
Memories make them new.
Dot Ellis
May 2017
What do you think of this one?  Betty Boop


Well hello.  I feel like writing this morning.  Had breakfast in the Cyber.  First time in a while.  Felt good.  Me and 4 men.  All at different tables.  Just as I liked it.  What a beautiful day it is as I approach my last antibiotic day.  Hope it does the job.  I am still at  war with this drainage.  Maybe this is the last. 

I sat on balcony for devotion and prayer as I started the day.  Bitsy peeked through the window, wondering why the change in routine.  I saw a mother duck scoot under the shrubby.  Could she be making her nest there?  I hope so.  Maybe I can watch it happen.  One bicycle, three different walkers, one runner, Spring is indeed here.  Soon it will be too hot and much outdoor walks will disappear. 

I am ready to plant.  Maybe I will get a chance soon to buy some plants.  My neighbor and I have vowed to cut back, but I see her pots are full.  I got rid of most of my pots so I would not overdo this year.  Hard to take care of as many as I have had in the past. Sunday was good with 10 of us there.  

Betty Boop 

April 16, 2017


I slept so well last night.  I woke early, not really rested.  I guess the meds are keeping me low.  Be glad to throw this thing aside and feel much better.  Everything I did this morning was early.  I got the idea to bundle up as it was still cool and sit on the balcony and drink coffee.  See what will happen.  I observed four early walkers.  Well two were jogging.  I think they were visitors as I can't think of joggers who live here.  Maybe they are here, but none of my friends.   I was excited to see TWO Egrets.  I guess he has a mate after all.  That made me happy.  I saw one blue heron.  He is the small kind. The Canada geese are being a problem again.  They are trying to build nest.  They sure do like it here..  And of course the crows were at their loud chatter. It was cool and pleasant.  I felt Truman's presence in the clouds as I do sometime.  That small white cloud with a blue center faded too quick.  I think he wants me to know that he is fine and is looking for me.  Crazy?  Maybe, but that is what I felt. 

Well, I am off to Jan's for Easter lunch.  Most will be there, even Linda.  I know it will be good in every way.  Hope I don't fade too quick and can enjoy being together.

Betty Boop