August 22, 2017


Little things make up my time.  Some are very important.  Some just have to be done.  So, I wat bore you today.

Betty Boop

August 21, 2017


Sunday is special.  Some would say it is just another day.  But to me it is special.  I get to go to Church, freedom.  I get to see and be with some of my family.  Yesterday it was Amy, Sophia, and Paul.  They bring me up to everything going on.  I know it is part of their jobs to be informed but they tell everything so well.  I don't get around as I used to and also Truman was my informer and he did it well.  Of course the big buzz is the eclipse and I intend to view it very carefully.  Jan and Tommy came by in the afternoon and he is being brave and is doing very well.  I know he wants to get that hip working good and to be back to normal soon.  I know he will.  I will be glad to be finished with therapy.  Patience!!!  In all of everyday living and things going on, remember the scripture--Hebrews13:8--"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today,and forever."

Betty Boop

August 19, 2017


I got inspired and wrote two poems.  One or Library board and one or the VILLAGER.

For kids the school bus is back.
They carry their books in a pack.
Our Library is ready for us.
No muss, no fuss, and no bus !!!!
I've had a very dry season.
Couldn't seem to write.
I know not the reason,
But hope is now in sight.
Thoughts are buzzing in my head.
I'm trying to laso and tame them
And with all that said,
My thoughts are growing dim.
To create is a tricky thing.
Sometime thoughts just flow,
And words seem to sing,
And suddenly there "ain't no mo".
By Dot Ellis  August 2017
  Betty Boop

August 17, 2017


Well, so far I have been clicking along good.  That is all anyone can ask for.  I woke up early and went to breakfast in the Cyber.  One of the fun things I do.  Decided I had plenty of time before getting ready for lunch with Rob Hill and Amy.  I told myself the dry season for writing poem was over and get to work or I could be replaced in my little jobs here.  Since I am a volunteer, I get away with a lot.  I wrote two poem and sent them off to the Villager and the Library board.  Turned out o. k. I hope.  Amy came and we visited before it was time for Rob to meet us in the dinning room.  My it was good to visit and have lunch together.  We talked about so many subjects and I am happy to see he is doing just great.     My, my, I just looked out to see a little shower of rain.  No surprise.

Betty Boop

August 16, 2017


It seems everything I do or have to do, comes too close together.  This therapy comes around 3 times a week and pretty much takes the day.  Be glad to finish it-5 more sessions.  It is helping.  Yesterday Amy took me for my toenail clipping.  Being diabetic, I have to have to done about every 3 months by Dr Sotolongo.  No problem, just has to be done.  After visiting the Church to pick up my glasses that I left on the pew Sunday, we went to Picadilly.  Don't laugh, we had the best trout amandine I have had in a long time.  And they know how to cook  vegetables.  Oh, well to each his own.  I must get on with my day.  Therapy at 10:00.

Betty Boop
P.S.  I know all this sounds boreing,  it does to me.

August 13, 2017


Sunday has been a joy since our new preacher came.  I enjoy his sermon and receive a blessing each time.  Music by our talented young  man now is doing a beautiful job.  We had lunch at Mary Grace and Ryan's house.  Wonderful cooks, both of them. 

I need to go read the paper.  I like the Sunday paper and I save it till afternoon so I will have something to.  Sunday afternoons are sort of quiet around here.

Betty Boop

August 12, 2017


Why am I thinking music?  Just trying to find something to start with a S.  Quirky I know.  Any way the four of us had breakfast and all went well.  We discussed who was sick and who was in hospital and who had taken a tumble lately and the list goes on.  There has been an apartment that is the "talk of the Halls".  Big one and renovated to the hilt.  Chandelier and private decorator.  My, who is it?  Then we discussed TV shows and admitted to watching some with embarrassment.  Me and the man watched DIANA.  I don't know why that embarrassed him.  Then one watched  reruns of one I never heard of. Then on to confirm that a new assistant was hired for Diana.  Talk of obsessive bridge players.  On and on we went.  A lot goes on out here and it is like a small town--everyone knows everyone's business.  I try not to mention anything I want to keep to myself.  I did tell that my son-in-law had hip surgery.  When I left one said hope you nephew does well--go figure.  Oh my!!See what I mean.  Be careful of what you say,  Some can't hear and others just don't listen.

Betty Boop