October 22, 2016


My Lord, you would think I am going on a world tour the way I am feeling about a few days at the beach.  I guess I am ready to get away.  You know as great as this place is--there is a big world out there.  I am even going to forget the big election.  It has bothered me a lot this year.  I do  hope I can keep up with DANCING WITH THE STARS on Monday.  That is one of my passions.    How wonderful this temperature is this morning. 42 degrees.  I may have to adjust my packed bags.  Hard to know just what I need.  I usually miss the mark, but surely it wont matter too much.  I have a couple of good historical, romances to read.  Did you even know romance could be historical?   Oh yes.  The early settlers as well as now.  Oh well, very light reading and entertaining as well.    I go on and on and I really need to get up and get it together.  Linda will be here this afternoon and I want to have these things off my mind.  May not write till I come home.

Betty Boop

October 21, 2016


I did not think I was going to have a " get-away"  this year.  Well we did have a camping trip in the Spring, but had to cancel the Fall one  and the Big Beach week,  Here I am stuffing all I can get into one bag and a few "sacks" to go to Orange Beach.  And with only my three daughters.  Now that is a first.  I have always said I wanted to go to the beach in the winter.  Maybe for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Sounds like it would be fun.  But this trip will be more than fun.  To be with my daughters only will be special.  I am worse than a baby to take any place anymore.  So much baggage that I require just to exist.            It has turned cooler and more like Fall.  I am sure the beach and crowds will be different.  No  Chilton County peaches or that wonderful Silver King corn, but plenty of seafood will make up for it.  I am blessed and super excited.

Betty Boop

October 18, 2016


I woke at 6:00 a.m. and decided to just get up.  It takes me longer to do anything now, so I need the extra time.  By 6:45 I was sitting on my balcony with my second cup-o-jo.  I do make coffee some time.  My oatmeal with blueberries and banana was so good.  I observed our resident Egret skimming across the lake, looking for the best spot to find breakfast.  He is so beautiful and King of the Lake. 

This is a wonderful place to start the day.  My day is fresh and clean before I get into it. I decided to make a list when I began to think about our Beach get away.  It always helps me to calm down and get ready.  I am so needy and have to take a lot of baggage, so I must not forget anything.        Well get to it Old Girl, there is plenty to do.

Betty Boop

October 16, 2016


Do you believe in Angels?
 I most certainly do.  I meet them every day and night too.  In Exodus 23:20, "See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."  I choose to believe that that verse is meant for me. An angel crosses my path every day.  I make it a practice to say to someone who does something for me "You are my angel for today, thank you."  The responses are priceless.  I met one yesterday in Wal-Mart.  I could not reach detergent that was on the top shelf(surprise.)  I waited till a young woman taller than me(most are) came along and asked her if she would reach my detergent for me.  I told her she was my angel for today.  She laughed and said, "I am far from that."  I still think she was mine for the day.  Jan is one.  She spent the most of the day with me doing countless task that I need help with.     As it says in Psalms 91:11---" God will put angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go."  Now some of my blog today come from my devotional for today--but most is from me. 

End of sermon.
Betty Boop

October 14, 2016


Tea and Crumpets was so much fun yesterday. The table where I sat had a beautiful tablescape Diana, our assistant activities director (new and young and beautiful) did the one I sat at.  I don't know where these people keep all the pretty stuff that was used.  Lot of talent.  Do you know what a crumpet is? My dictionary says it is a small unsweet batter cake, baked on a griddle, usually toasted before served.  Now you know-- but our kitchen does not.  There was a little square of blueberry crumb cake, too sweet. a plain sugar cookie still too sweet, two kinds of cheese and whole wheat crackers on the plate.  Go figure.  It was good and free, but not much like I expected.  I can't tell you what the drink was because it too was not tea and  still too sweet.  Oh well, we had pretty piano music and a lady to demonstrate how to tie scarves.  She was good, but I still can't do it.  I think everyone was there. dressed up and enjoying a "girlie" thing.  Today, we had a Christmas in October sale.  Nice and lovely things made by residents.  We have so much talent here.  I could have sold my little Christmas wreaths, but what would I then give my friends for Christmas?--- Lunch was good with three others that I know but do not usually eat with.  It was good to hear some new stories. Sitting next to us was Father Frank, retired priest who lives here.  He had three good looking young Irish priest as guest.  We loved hearing them talk.  They were enjoying themselves and Father Frank was in rare form.----today   I meant to go to the grocery store today But I ran out of energy.  Maybe another day.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop

Betty Boop

October 12, 2016


The last two days have been full.  Tommy at the History club and lunch after was good.  Went to eye Dr. and lunch with Jan.  Amy went to the foot Dr. with me today and we met Jan for lunch at the Trace Grill.  One of our favorites.  Good news-there is going to be a beach few days after all.  This time it is for OLD Girl and her Chicks.  Linda, Jan and Amy.  We are working out the details right now,  I am super excited. 
Tomorrow we are having an affair here that should be so nice.  TEA AND CRUMPETS.  The tables will be decorated by different ladies here.  Tablescapes they call  them.  We did one at the Church a few years ago,  I did a table with a Maypole surrounded by cute little clothespin dolls.  All dressed so pretty,  My that was fun.  I will enjoy others for this one.  I just don't have the " stuff" to do it with anymore.  This should be fun. 

Betty Boop

October 11, 2016


This first one is for the VILLAGER.        


I must write a poem for you,
Sometimes not easy to do.
The subject of SMILES comes to me.
Write quick-or the thought will flee.

Smiles can brighten your day.
As you go along your way.
Weather you give or receive one,
I think it's lots of fun.

Then one for the Library Board. 


It is that time of year.
Thanksgiving Day is near.
Be thankful every day.
For blessings that come our way.
Not only for turkey and pie,
As we push from table and sigh,
But for friends, family and love.
Remember blessings come from above.

Dot Ellis 
Just thought you would like to see what I am doing. Every time I write a couple each month, I think I can't write any more, but I am urged and flattered till I do it all over again.  Well it keeps my mind busy and eyes open for subjects.  That is a good thing--I think.

Betty Boop