June 27, 2017


I was so glad I got back in time to sing in our Choir for our summer concert.  It was so good and I really enjoyed singing and performing for our wonderful residents.  Not only them but part of my family too.  As Cary was still visiting, she and Jan. Brodie and little sister came too.  They were so good and listened so well.  I was very proud of them and it is  always a treat  to have them to light up these halls.  They enjoyed visiting my apartment and playing with Bitsy.  Bitsy is a very social cat and she was delighted with their visit.  Now I hope for Cary to get through her layover in Atlanta and on to home today.  She is very brave to do the trip without David.  We missed him. 

I really need to go the Kroger today.  Think I will try it a little later.

Betty Boop

June 26, 2017


Jan took me to pick up Bitsy.  She has been boarded at Briarwood Clinic since I left to go to the beach.  Also being observed for her  skin problem.  They did a biopsy and have not heard from it yet.  A steroid shot should help till we hear the results.  Hope we find out what her problem is and we can do something permanent to relieve her itching.  Anyway she is no worse for the ordeal and picked up right where she left off and is not mad at me for leaving her so long in that strange place.  I will be glad to hear from her results.

Betty Boop

June 25, 2017


Yes they are all back, safe.  Thank you Lord.  A week of observations on my part has been enlightening and fun.  I have the role of sitting and watching now.  Frustrating at times but still a special place.  My, did I see a lot of energy and tears  and fun by everyone.  From a one year old to a 90 year old is a lot of living.  It stormed and the sun did shine a few days. Enough to satisfy all.  The very special meals planned and prepared by a rotation of couples and some duos, were enjoyed by all.  They outdid themselves.  It was very interesting as an observer to see it all work.  You have to see it to believe it.  We bought and ate 25 pounds of shrimp.  A gallon or more oysters and lots of other seafood.  All prepared right there.  Some took the chance to go to lunch at favorite places a time or two, but mostly we ate in.  My the breakfast was soooo good.  I love breakfast.  Ashley's  biscuits were special and all the wonderful bacon from Ryan.  It sounds like all we did was eat but there was much more.  The kid cousins had the rare treat of enjoying each other as they don't get to see each other often.  That is part of the point of getting together like this for some 30 or more years.  So be it.

"My times are in your hands."  Psalms 31:15
My favorite--Psalms: 46:1-3.

Betty Boop

June 17, 2017


It is 8:15 Saturday morning.  Amy is being picked up at 8:00 AM and I am next.  If I have forgotten anything, I will have to make do.  I don't see how I have forgotten anything because M. G. and Ryan will have a fit when they see the pile at my door waiting to go.  Anyway we will be on the road soon.  Bad storm last night here but sun is up and spirits high so like old Willie--down the highway we go. like a band of Gypsies with our friends.  Wish us luck and a safe trip to all of us.

Betty Boop

June 15, 2017


I do like to get my money's worth and I did today.  Talking about this new "beach" haircut.  I told Judy to cut it short.  And she did.  I also colored it and look like a new "old girl."  Well it does not matter to me and hope it does not matter to you.  I am just rambling because I have almost checked my list of things to do off.  Some can't be done till the last minute.  Like meds and some more little things. 

I am taking Bitsy to Briarwood Clinic to stay while I am gone.  She will think I have given her away. but someone said she told her cat she was going to a Cat Spa for a makeover.  Hope this will be good for Bitsy.  I picked up cookies at the dinning room this morning.  They look good but I was good and did not taste them.  It is so different from the first days when I made "dog" and "cat " shaped cookies.  I used  to do a lot of things that I don't do now.  So be it.

Betty Boop

June 14, 2017


Willie Nelson's theme song was Truman and my favorite to sing as we would start out early on the first morning of a road trip in whatever mode of travel we had at the time.  Those early morning starts are among my favorite memories.  It felt so good to get away from everyday stuff.  And to go with the love of my life was a blessing I now know, of the highest gifts.  Well I am now alone but not really.  Just look at this fine family I have to travel with.  Another set of special memories. 

I have been struggling with change in meds and it has thrown me for a loop.  Hopefully I am "on the road again>"  On the road again can have many meanings for me.  Bless old Willie.  As I have said many time--"He is not much to look at, but he can surely sing."  That is my opinion.  I have read his bio and he has lived a colorful life.  His way.

Betty Boop

June 11, 2017


Back and running again.  Computer acted up again.  Mary  (Miss Fix It) Grace talked to it for a while and it got back on track pretty quick.  She is good at that.  Thank you sweet girl.  Jan came Saturday and we had lunch outside at the Cyber.  She is looking forward to a house full going to the Beach,  My bags are out and I have started packing.  My oh my, I am needy.  Just like a baby.  It takes so much to  keep me going for a week.  So be it.  I will try to not pack too much. 

It looks like another beautiful day , I will get to it.

Betty Boop