April 24, 2018


The lady who makes the library board was excited to get my poem for May.  I have been in such a slump for several reasons and just could not get it together to write.  I miss is and want to write again.  I know my work is not great-anyone could do better than me, but I get something from it and am glad to be back.  Here it .
Rain, Rain, go away !!
I must stay in another day.
Just go to our Library and look,
And find a brand new book.
Dot Ellis
Such a simple thing.  Just look around and you will see so many things to write about.  But when I
was having to deal with lots of picky things, I could not compose a single line.  My the sun looks good and it lifts the spirits.  I have to admit, I woke at 6 and turned over and went back to sleep,
I slept till 7 and was a little groggy.  Too much sleep I guess.  I seem to need more.
Betty Boop

April 23, 2018


My how the weeks seem to pass.  They say  the older you get the faster they go.  It is so.  I enjoyed Church yesterday.  On the 23rd Plasm.  I have heard many sermons on this subject.  I always get comfort from it.  It says it all and Lance always gives a new thought for me.   Lunch at Ryan and M. G's house again.  Getting to be a habit.  They are always so welcoming and good to us.  They are trying out their new beautiful grill.  Roasted chicken was excellent.  Glad to be with Paul and Sophia too.  They always have interesting stories going on.  Paul is getting back into a running mode.  Doing it right using a program that he is working up to his goal.  Smart way to do it.  Mary Grace brought out the "basket" from their childhood that I gave her.  I used to have it full of treats for grandchildren when they came.  It sat high on the fridge, so they could not reach it, but before they went home after a visit, I would let them pick a favorite.  Hers was always mini M & M's in a little tube.  Can't find them anymore.  Sophia pretends jealousy that I gave it to Mary Grace, but I know she is teasing.  Fun.  After all we are THE FUN LOVING FAMILY. 

Betty Boop
P. S. We got to choose a treat from the basket for dessert.  It was full of good stuff.  I chose a Hershey silver bell.  Just one.!!

April 21, 2018


I am getting concerned about my breakfast group.  One down in her back, so other one took her breakfast to her and took her own out also, one  has died, one has stopped Saturdays and that left me and  one man.  While he is easy to talk to, I had trouble caring on much of a conversation.  But the ham and eggs were good and I made it alright.  Hey the sun is shinning, for now.  I hear Sunday will be rainy.  Can't seem to get through a weekend without rain. 

Jan is coming and we will go to the grocery store.  I packed up a lot of clothes for the Goodwill.  Old things that I never wear and some too large since I have lost a few pounds.  It was a job doing this yesterday and I was tired but happy.  Sometime just a simple thing like ridding your closet of things you will never wear again can be so satisfying.  Yet they seem like throwing away old "friends."  I used to tell Truman that he made friends with his clothes and would not discard them.  I still have a closet full of a few of his old friends..  Can't seem to part with them.  It is like giving a part of him away.  I really need to do this.......some day. 

Betty Boop

April 20, 2018


I look forward two times a year to a big event here.  BIG CLOSET SALE !!! It gives us a chance to clean out closets and donate them to a good cause.  All proceeds go to the employees Christmas fund.  We can't give tips or gifts to them personally (a good rule) so we look for other fair ways to show our appreciation for the very good help we have.  And who does not like a sale even if most of us need nothing else to put back in our homes.  But it is exciting an fun,  I always spend a little, not much. It starts at 8 but I just can't move that fast anymore.  So I had a nice breakfast of egg over light, turkey bacon, whole wheat toast. orange juice and coffee.  Now I will take my time and the rush will be over by the time I get there.  Good stuff may be gone, but so be it.  Don't really need anymore stuff anyway,

Betty Boop

April 19, 2018


Went out on two missions yesterday.  Half way accomplished .  Shoes that I wanted had to be ordered.  Who keeps size 5 in store?  Not SAS.  Had to order my stuff from Hanger Clinic. And get my order approved by Dr. and insurance and then order.  Paper work must run them wild.  Seems like it could be trimmed a bit.  They did not ask me.  On a positive note. Jan and I ate lunch at Primos on Lakeland.  The food is the same at all locations. 
  And that is a good thing.  They cook veggies perfect.  Nobody makes squash casserole the way they do.  Enjoyed it a lot. 

Although I enjoy a little jaunt like this, I run out of energy so fast.  I worry over that, but I guess is it par for the course -- the saying goes for most any thing.

Betty Boop
P.S.  I just looked at my Betty Boop stacked coffee cup that Peggy gave us a long time ago.  Truman used to make hot tea for us and we shared the stacked cup.  Sweet memory.  I have a few!!!

April 18, 2018


That's just what it was.  You should have seen the different kind of mugs people brought.  So much fun.  The scarf demo was very good and I have forgotten every one.  O well I am not a scarf person anyway.  The Activity people do a good job of having something for everyone and some first class programs too. 

Today I am looking forward to a visit to Hanger clinic to buy new bras and then to the SAS shoe store for new shoes.  Jan is taking me.  I depend on Jan and Amy and M,G, so much.  I love them for making me feel like they really like to help me.  I am blessed.  Beautiful day with sunshine and a pleasant temperature.  Wish me luck on it all.

Betty Boop

April 17, 2018


Well not a real trip.  Just across the parking lot to Campbel Cove, our SCV choir went.  Almost all if not all went to sing for the residents there.  That is the unit for dementia.  I know so many of them and it was bittersweet to be singing just to them.  We really sang for about 25 of them and you could just see how we connected through music.  It was very moving to see smiles and some sang along with familiar songs.  What a blessing for me.  I had already had a full day when I went and still went to Methodist church at 4.  Paige, Lances' wife, who is also a minister spoke.  She is as good as he is, they both can deliver a good message.  Well I was tired but happy. 

This morning I am going to "Mugs and Muffins"  for the ladies where we will take our own cup for coffee and I assume muffins (although I will pass on the muffins} and hear a speaker on how to tie a scarf!!  I need a lesson in that subject.  I am not a scarf person anyway.  It may be fun to learn.  Then I am having lunch with Betty, Judy and Betty's daughter-in-law.  So you see I have another full day.  Thank you Lord for things to do and strength to do them.

Betty Boop